Thursday, 24 December 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Night Out

The weather in Bendigo the last week has been off the charts! Yesterday it was about 42°C so I hardly even left the house, let alone thought about a night out! Finally, last night, a cool change came through just in time for the Christmas Carols in the Park. 

For at least the past 3 years I have volunteered for Rotary at the Christmas Carols and worked on the merchandise table selling glowsticks and Santa hats. It's been great fun!

I was excited about actually getting out of the house! And decided it was about time I started getting in the festive spirit so I got all dressed up. I actually felt a bit like a young Mrs. Claus!

Here's a few photos from the night!

My Mum & I being presents.
TAC had a free photo set up inside a giant inflatable present. It was all to do with their current Christmas campaign that reminded people that the best present at Christmas is to be present [implying we need a zero death toll on the roads this season]. My Mum & I were encouraged to dress up as presents and we obliged; however if I was a present I would be much more colour coordinated than I am in the above photo! 

Hard at work.
Posing for a photo at Rotary's merch table for the local newspaper. Photo credit is to Noni Hyett at The Bendigo Advertiser.

Me and Santa.
Of course he has a very busy schedule so he couldn't actually stop for this photo!

Bright lights! 
I couldn't leave out a pic of our towns Christmas Tree with the fountain lit up in the background. It is hilariously yet also sadly now under 24hr protection from a friendly motorcycle group to prevent some grinch like vandals from striking again! 

Outfit details:
• Red peplum || City Chic || $10 (plus $8.25 p+h) bought off Facebook 
• Black tea skirt || Pho Sizzle || RRP $90 however I only paid $48.60 due to 10%off for members and a 40% one off discount for new members!
• Pink petticoat || Opshopped for $3
• Black belt || City Chic || From another dress
• Earrings || DIY earrings made from $2 wine glass charms from Kmart
• Black Sandals || Target || $15
• Red & Green bangles || Off an infants toy

Next week: Christmas!!!! How exciting!!

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  1. WOw , the night looked amazing!! I love those Santa hats I need to buy one over here (In OZ) I think, perfect for hot weather lol
    I love the idea of the best present for xmas is to be present. Considering recent events in my colleague's life this hit home. Its true though. People get so caught up with buying things they forget its more important to be there with our loved ones. I was actually arguing with me other half who wants to buy me something and he doesn't get the fact I have a rare day off that happens to be at Xmas, all I want to to have xmas with my little family. Sigh. I just bought charity presents so my loved ones have received tea or a charity donation in their name.
    If you don't post before Xmas.. Have a wonderful day hun!!



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