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I'm usually a fashionista on a budget and stick to opshops but roughly about a year ago I realised that if we 'plus size' women want more options in fashion then we have to support such businesses when they come into place or else they won't survive the tough market and we will be back to square one.

This especially goes for Australian plus size labels. So I've been gradually purchasing more pieces from Aussie Labels such as Hope and Harvest, HuudavertiSeraphim and Pho Sizzle. You can see my posts about these pieces under my Aussie Brands tag on my blog.

Harlow is one Aussie plus size label that has been on the top of my lust list for sometime now! I do have a couple of their pieces that I've bought secondhand but haven't bought any myself yet.

Now that I've had my little spiel about supporting business... Did I mention I won a $200 voucher for Harlow?!? I entered Ashley Rose's 10K followers giveaway on instagram and was so stoked when I won! 

So what did I buy? I bought
• The Gothic Glamour Lace Shirt in wine currently on sale for $64.50; and 
• The Invincible Winner Hi-lo knit in bordeaux for $159

Now I may have won these items so Im not really 'supporting' the business financially but it has definitely sold me on buying more!!
I may have to save a little bit longer than usually but the pieces I will buy are such great quality, versatile, trendy, comfy and I reckon will last ages!!

The Gothic Glamour shirt.

It's clear why the colour of this shirt is called wine, I couldn't think (still can't) of anything else this shade but red wine! It's so gorgeous! Definitely one of my kind of colours to wear! 

I wasn't really sure how I would go with sizing for this shirt because I usually have boob gaping problems with shirts. I ended up sizing up just to allow extra room for my twins which worked well. Any smaller and I would've had issues...but then again I do have huge boobs.

I'm really glad I got this shirt cause I don't have anything else like it in my wardrobe. I do have a couple of black lace tops but don't wear them much because when I wear black under them (as I wear black under almost everything) it just looks like a plain black top rather than lace. Plus the colour... Did I mention I love this colour?!?!

The Invincible Winner Hi-lo knit.

I love these hi-lo tops! I wanted the grey one but they were sold out in my size so I got the bordeaux. The grey one is on the top of my LustList now! 
I love so many things about this knit...knit, yes for starters it is wool (& elastane) so it is warm, the colour, the cut, I just love it!

Originally I wasnt sure about the pleather sleeves cause I was thinking it would only match with pleather bottoms (I'm a very matchy match kinda gal!) so I emailed Kerry (the woman behind Harlow) and she  reminded me that they look great with jeans and plain black pants. And she was so right! 

I wore mine with my black jeans and my Lee Cooper heels cause they have a similar sheen to the pleather sleeves.

And to finish with a little quote I got sent with my Harlow parcel...
"Make today so awesome, Yesterday gets jealous"
Yesterday will definitely get jealous if I wear either of these tops today!!!

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