Saturday, 23 May 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Outback

I've been sick in bed all weekend so when my Mum suggested I get out of bed and out of my pyjamas to go for a coffee I thought this is my chance to put on my Outback outfit, otherwise it would probably never happen. 

So with little time to prepare I thought Outback. 
Outback makes me think Country. 
Country makes me think Akubras and boots.

So there you have it. My outback outfit without much depth or thought put into it. However I must admit I didn't wear the Akubra (hat) out to coffee... Yes I am a chicken. Enough words, now to the photos...

Excuse the hat hair...

Outfit details:
• Boots || Mimco || Opshopped pretty much new for $50
• Akubra || Belonged to my Dad
• Leggings || Kmart || $7
• Long sleeve black top || Rosie & Dixie || Opshopped for $2.50
• Brown sleeveless top/tunic || TS14+ || Opshopped for $2.75 (Yay for half price sales!)
• Brown sleeveless wool cardicoat || TS14+ || Opshopped for $10 
• Brown & black scarf || no label || Opshopped for $3

Short n sweet today me ladies! 
Good day to you. 

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