Saturday, 5 April 2014

Aussie Curves - Green

I'm tempted to post my green $3 peplum by City Chic that I op shopped last year, my favourite bargain, but I've posted it a few times before so I thought I'd go a different path instead.

So for this weeks green challenge I decided to go with this $3 NOW top I got from an op shop however its not really green, more teal I guess. Passes as green anyways. I dressed it with a plain black skirt and heels which I wasn't 100% happy with but decided to just leave it like that. Oh and I wore my light green earrings I got as part of my Aussie Curves Christmas Accessories gift.
This all changed this morning after I ducked into my fave op shop. I found a few things I liked and as I went up to pay the gorgeous old lady told me she had some other plus size clothes, that they didn't put them all out at once cause one lady snaps them all up and sells them on eBay. "However they'll be $4" I just laughed and said $4 is so cheap!! Anyway point of the story is I bought this gorgeous green Taking Shape tunic for $4. Wasn't sure I'd like it but I love it on so I decided I'd use this for my green post instead!!
Check out what green the other curvettes have done on the Blog Hop below!


  1. I like the teal top, and the one you found this morning is good too :D Hilarious about the lady that snaffles everything to sell on ebay! The ruffles on your tunic this morning are really cool and make it unique :D

  2. Teal totally counts as green!! all your green outfits are fab x

  3. I find those women who on sell the bane of my existence
    It's not a job
    Some women actually need the clothing


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