Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Aussie Curves - Body Con

I've always wondered why a body-con dress is called that? Body con apparently stands for body conscious; so if you were conscious of your body surely you wouldnt go for a tight fitting dress!?! Well when googling body-con I found this definition by MacMillan online dictionary that I feel best describes why they are call body conscious.
It all makes sense now! They're called body conscious because you feel very conscious when wearing something so tight!!
Anyway, the point of this blog, the challenge; I was originally going to wear my SWAK dress that I op shopped for $5 but i didn't like how conscious it made me feel! Even with body shapers on I still had unsightly lumps and bumps, not to mention the annoyingly twisted seam down the front! I should probably send it back to an op shop but its the only SWAK thing I own, or have seen before so I wanna keep it. A little lame I know!
So I decided to take some inspiration from the January Aussie Curves challenge, Double take. 
I decided to wear my Bellecurve body-con dress I got from Target for $30 with a black $4 op shopped skirt on over the top and an op shopped autograph knit cardigan over the top for when it was chilly. Add a 50c op shopped belt to tie the skirt and dress together, accessories and my $50 novo boots and I was set for a days work and the outfit for my body-con challenge!

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  1. i love that belle curve dress, perfection for the challenge, you've styled it so well!

  2. I love this! Such an interesting way to style the same piece in different ways.

  3. nice :D I like the way you've mixed up the dress, and, as i said already, the front panelling is awesome :)

  4. You look amazing but I personally *loathe* the feel of body-con dresses… I find the feeling of anything clinging to me SO uncomfortable!

    1. I can totally understand what you mean! The bellecurve dress is alright tho coz it is fairly thick and you dont feel as exposed! Plus body cons can be good for layering like what i did in the double take challenge - pic above. But being comfortable is more important so just try one a few different ways - it might be something you like after all!!


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