Monday, 21 October 2013

Frocktober2013 - The 3rd week

Gees has this month gone quickly, It's the third week already! Hopefully by now you have made some sort of contribution to the Frocktober cause (monetary or other). If not please do because it is a very worthy cause and you will undoubtedly know someone in your lifetime that will suffer from Ovarian cancer; this cause could save their life! If you haven't yet made a donation feel free to donate here or come and visit me at work to donate in person.

I have still pretty much managed not to double up on any dresses so far, that means I obviously have a lot more dresses than I thought I had!


Not too much longer to go! I wonder if I will manage a way to wear a different dress everyday? I guess I'll have to go shopping or borrow some dresses....well I guess it wont be long and we will soon find out!
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Now go get Frocked people!

For more information about the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation visit here.
For more information about Frocktober and how you can participate click here.

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