Monday, 21 October 2013

Aussie Curves - Celebrity Copycat

Celebrity Copycat - Tess Munster
The theme for Aussie Curves this week is Celebrity Copycat. It took me a while to think of someone whose style I would like to imitate but while I was scrolling through Instagram I came across the perfect chick, Tess Munster!  
Tess Munster is a stunning model. She is a plus size model, a body positive activist and sends a remarkable message to any female who may have low self esteem or not like their body. Her message is about empowering women and not letting your body hold you back from anything, not even being one of the worlds top plus models! Also she is the founder of the #effyourbeautystandards movement, a tag I love to use!
If you have not seen her stuff then I highly recommend you do. Find her at:
Facebook: Tess Munster-Plus Model
Instagram: @tessmunster
Twitter: @tessmunster
Youtube: MadameMunster

I looked through Tess' photos to see what it is about her style that I like, what it is that inspires me. I made a list of the reoccurring trends that stood out in her pics that I might use:

Pinup style crossed with glamor & punk at times
Black bra under a see through black top

Short skirt with bare legs
Chunky black heels
Vintage styled hair, rolls often with bows
Huge eyelashes
Dark Lipstick
Defined cheekbones & Eyebrows

This is the outcome:
I darkened my eyebrows with a little pencil, add the blush to try to recreate the gorgeous defined cheekbones Tess has. Add a black bow in my hair and on my wrist, chunky black heels and some darker lippy, well the darkest I have. I would've put some effort into doing my hair with curls etc but I was pressed for time... 
...Plus a little bit of colour with a red rose brooch and red sunnies...
I'm pretty pleased with the direction I went and the outcome, however no one can be Madame Munster but her. I choose to be me and just take some style tips from her, and I have. When I find a black bra that actually keeps my nipples covered the whole day you definitely see my rocking this look!


  1. What a great choice, I love Tess. I love all the little details you did and you look fab!

    1. Thanks Bec! I was pretty pleased I chose her she is awesome! I don't know how anyone couldn't love her, she is an inspiration!
      I was sort of dreading this week but I actually really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to reading everyone elses!

  2. This is awesome, you got her outfit bang on!

    1. Thanks Katie, I think I did good too! I love her style!

  3. I love Tess' style so much and I think you totally nailed it! you look amazing Xx

    1. Thanks Lush! Yeah her style is awesome and she always looks great. She is such a great role model for any female

  4. Great copycat style, Tess's style really suits you!

    1. Thanks I really liked it too, maybe I should try her style a bit more often. Thanks again!

  5. Ahhhhh Tess! What a rockstar. And you are looking mighty fine yourself. Great choice. LOVE the outfit.

  6. Yay, Tess is my fave (which is why I chose her as well). Looking good, lady! x

    1. Thanks Meagan! Great minds think alike - great choice she is amazing!

  7. Love her style, your rocking it!

  8. You look so bada$$ but still very glam. I love it. You are both gorgeous women!
    Do you have any issues using the bloghop link? I use blogger as well and I've tried to copy it in the HTML screen a million times, but it doesnt work?

    1. Thanks Hankette!
      No I don't seem to have any trouble with the bloghop link, well not that I've noticed anyways.

      When Danimezza posts the linky code on the Aussie Curves facebook page I preview it and copy and paste the 1st one. It has to be the first one to show up all the thumbnails photos at the end of your blog.

      Then when I've opened up my blooger post I change the little button on the top left corner from 'Compose' to 'HTML'. I scroll down to the bottom and paste the code. If I change back to 'Compose' I cant see the linky code, however if I preview my blog it shows up.

      If you've done the same and its still not working I suggest you goggle the help you need or suggest that maybe u have something wrong with the html or java settings.

      Also make sure it is still pen as the linky codes only work for so long
      Im not very tech savy but I hoped this helps in someway and that it works perfect for you next time!


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