Sunday, 6 October 2013

Aussie Curves - Festival

So I've been absent for the last couple of Aussie Curves challenges due to um...umm...lets just say a disturbance. Missing the two weeks was really hard for me but I was having a hard time with some things that I have all sorted now, Thank God!
For this weeks challenge, Festival, I have decided to go with the comfy and practical look. As most other Aussie Curves girls I've never really been to a 'festival' as such but if I did it would definitely be Big Day Out. My type of music.
I don't think I'd go for any other reason than the music so I wouldn't be too interested in 'dressing up' for the guys. If it wasn't hot weather I would still get hot from moshing and drinking etc etc so these cut off jeans - now shorts would be perfect to keep me cool and stop my chub-rub...oh I hate that word...I'm a tad sick in the mind so I don't think of thighs rubbing....anyway off track... My tshirt is one I bought at a gig from an Aussie band Atlantis awesome! Check them out here or on their Facebook page here! I have no doubt they will be at Big Day Out in the near future! Any jewellery I decided to wear to the festival would have to be cheap stuff because I would most likely loose it and the good ol' Docs are worn for feet protection. I would've probably gone with my trusty Havianas but after one of the Aussie Curves chicks mentioned thongs are not ideal I totally agreed. Docs also add a little more punk to the look which I love!
Outfit details:
Big City Chic once jeans now shorts - op shopped - free coz the bottom of the jeans were ripped
Atlantis Awaits tee - Bought at a gig - guessing $20?? I don't remember to be honest
Doc Martens - Bought from a friend at high school in 1997 - $10
That's it from me peeps. Rock on!

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  1. I love that your docs are second hand and vintage. I'm still waiting for that day that I find a pair opshopping :)

    1. Vintage?!? I'm not that old am I?! Nah just kidding. Yeah they are the best shoes and I've worn them so much over the last um...16 years? Jeepers
      I run an op shop Falala and every now and then we get some Docs in but they always sell as soon as I put them out!
      Don't worry chic! From what I've read and seen you are a good/frequent bargain hunter so I have no doubt you'll find some one day!

  2. Rock on indeed. A bargain outfit and looking mighty festival ready!

  3. I always wear my docs to music festivals too. So comfy and safe!


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