Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - MFWPlus 2016

I am currently on a train on my way to Melbourne for an epic week of Plus Size Adventures and fun! 

March, last year, there was the Plus Size event Curvy Couture Roadshow (CCR) I attended (see here) however this event (which is unrelated to CCR) has many more events and designers and promises to be much bigger and better! I'm also hoping it will become a yearly event, fingers crossed!

MFWPlus 2016 has been organised by Jessica West, Karyn Cloonan, Caitlin Byrne and Elyse Lithgow; 4 amazing women with a diverse range of backgrounds and history in fashion and design.

MFWPlus is about a lot of different things but (in my mind) it's about all about body positivity and acceptance, cultural diversity in plus size fashion and increasing the awareness of and accessibility to great fashion options for plus size women. 

This event consist of a couple of Panel talks, one about Feminism, Fashion and Fat Bodies and the other about the Plus size fashion industry. On top of this, there is not one but FOUR fashion runways! 

Runway One

Runway Two

Runway Three

Runway Four

With all the amazing women that will be attending and all the positive attitude towards plus size fashion, I don't know how this could not be amazing! I know I can't wait! Don't worry you will definitely be hearing about it from me! 

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