Sunday, 31 July 2016

Rule Breakers Club

Something I really love to join in on (particularly on Instagram) is a good photo-a-day challenge. If you don't know what that is well basically it is a challenge where you are given a theme or topic per a particular time frame whether that be every day for a week or every week for year (such as I've previously done with NZ Style Curvettes and Aussie Curves.
You then have to take a picture of you and the theme or topic and post it online. 

I have just finished a plus size fashion photo-a-day challenge called Rule Breakers Club run by Jo from the blog iCurvy and it was great fun. We had 7 themes, one for each day of the week thatwould basically require us to break some stupid fashion rule made by society regarding what clothes a plus size woman should or shouldn't wear. 
The themes were Stripes, Fluff & Fuzz, Leggings as Pants, Bright Colours, Graphic Tees, Sequins & Sparkles and todays theme, the last one was Leopard Print.

Well I had a ball and it was made alot more fun and visually exciting with Jos awesome gold themed graphics! 
So here's a bit of a visual show of this weeks challenge!

And just like iCurvy's graphic to follow says why don't you go be your own brand of badass and break some fashion rules!


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