Sunday, 12 July 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Headwear

Headwear is not all about things you can wear in your hair, however it seems that's all I've managed to put together! Sure, if it was sunny I could wear some sunglasses or if I had an event to go to I'm sure I could find a forehead jewel but nope, hair stuff is all I did.

I wore quite a few bits and pieces in my hair over the week but only managed to photograph four so I'll just give you the quick downlow.

#effyourbeautystandards Outfit Details:
• #effyourbeautystandards tee || Tess Munster || $56 total for tee, two pins and postage from the USA
• Black jeans || City Chic || On sale for $50
• Hair flower || Lovisa || $5
• Earrings || Opshopped I think

Leopard print Outfit Details:
• Leopard print long vest || Opshopped but can't remember how much for
• Black jeans || City Chic || On sale for $50
• Black tunic || Moda || Opshopped for $2
• Brown drop earrings || Opshopped for $4
• Leopard print hair scarf || Opshopped

Monochrome Outfit Details:
• Grey tunic || Vigorella || Opshopped for $7
• Black long vest || Metalicus || Opshopped for $7
• Belt || Taking Shape 14+ Outlet || $3
• Hair scarf || free cause it had little holes in it
• Tights || Autograph || $10 (rather than $15) with boots purchase
• Wedge suede boots || Autograph || $100 with $15 voucher so $85

Amazing Outfit Details:
• Amazing tee || Avella || Big W for $5
• Big black hair bow || Opshopped for 50c

My fave? I love the red Amazing tee but then I also loved the monochrome outfit... Hmm and I love the whole #effyourbeautystandards movement, so it's hard for me to choose!

Which one was your fave?

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