Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Outfit 1 - On my way to the Curvy Couture Roadshow

The Trainride to Melbourne
What I wore

The suitcase || SUB-Ø-G || Opshopped for $10
Big enough to fit everything in, small enough to wheel around Melbourne behind me without feeling like I'm a tourist or leaving home.

My black top || City Chic || ?? 
My comfiest top ever. Necessary cause it was! Travelling, Nerves, Excitment etc etc I needed to be comfy!

The Skirt || 'Gone Fishing' by Pho Sizzle || $65
A comfy skirt but also good to look at cause I didn't want to feel to dressed down walking through Melbourne. Plus it has pockets which came in very handy for my phone and Myki card!

The flowery flats || Naughty Monkey || Opshopped for $1
Comfy shoes were necessary for my walking from the station to my Hotel... Especially since I decided to go the longest, hilliest way possible! 

I booked into my hotel, showered and started to get dolled up for the big event!

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