Sunday, 1 March 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Style Inspiration

So I've done this in two parts. Don't ask why, my brain no work good.

First thing.
What is my style?
I couldn't pinpoint my style to just one so I'm going to say my style is Eclectic. Plus I'm pretty sure I've been told or thought that before. I'd say I mix casual chic, classic and girly styles.

This is the outfit I wore today.

Maroon Jeans || Avella || Opshopped for $2
Black loop front top || Autograph || Opshopped for $6
Black sandals || Taking Shape TS14+ || Opshopped for $3
Sunnie || Gift from Bali

Now I'm no fashion style expert but I'd probably classify this (above) outfit as Casual-Chic (pronouced Sheek). My reasoning? Because it's not just casual; I'd put that on more 'bum around the house' outfits like trackpants and the like.  It's not just Chic; to me that just means fashionable and I guess I like to be more specific so I decided Casual-Chic.
I guess it's all in the interpretation. Another person might say Casual-Chic is something completely different. 

Second thing.
What/who influences my fashion style?
It's hard to say what influences me when it comes to fashion. 
In regards to the outfit I wore today I was influenced by:
• What clothing I own
• The Weather
• What clothing I have/havn't worn lately
• What felt comfortable or my mood 
• Then my top was influenced by my pants, my shoes by my top. My jewellery by my other jewellery and so on etc la da da.

I suppose there are a few little thing like my mood, the weather, my current nail polish colour I have on the influence what I wear daily.
I'm also highly likely subconsciously brainwashed by the media, current trends and what shops are selling but I don't think I follow these intentionally.
I buy the majority of my clothing, shoes and jewellery from op shops so I could be wearing something from a current season of clothing, a season from 5 years ago or from a label that no longer exists! I wouldn't know and don't really care about a piece of clothing's trendiness.

What matters to me is that it fits, makes me feel good and I like the way it looks.

Check out other Aussie Curves babes style influences below! 


  1. I love your style because I think you're a bit like me and you'll try anything and therefore we're always playing and establishing our style. x

    1. Oh wow! That makes me feel so special being compared to you! Thanks Jacqui!
      I like it!


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