Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Secondhand

See what I did in that photo?!?! ^ 
Uh? Uh?? Pretty crafty aye?!! LOL
I originally planned to do an elaborate outfit for this challenge to demonstrate that 'secondhand' is not limited to op shops. Unfortunately I ran short on my allocated time so I just threw together an outfit.
One article of clothing I was certain I wanted to use from this challenge was my Harlow scuba wet look leggings. These wet look leggings previously belonged to Danimezza. I bought them from her for $40 via a Facebook sale advertised through Instagram. These are a size XL and are probably a bit too big for me but when I roll then up you can hardly tell. I love how they add a little rock chick style to any outfit!
The top & shoes are both from an op shop, as are the majority of my clothes and accessories. However don't limit the source of secondhand clothes to op shops. I've bought clothes through Facebook, Instagram, Garage sales, eBay, Markets & stalls and have also sourced plenty of free clothes or hand me downs from friends and family. 
Outfit details:
Top || My Size || Op shopped $5.50
Wet look scuba leggings || Harlow || $40 off Facebook
Wedges || Op shopped $2.50
Now this is only one outfit. Don't be disappointed. I know if there was any Aussie Curves challenge that I should absolutely dominate in its this one so Ill probably try to do a second hand outfit everyday but highly likely I won't have time to blog about them all. If I get the chance to take a photo I will Instagram it so follow me @charlenegirl if you don't already!

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  1. Great outfit! Thanks for the inspiration about other sources to find second hand clothing - I hadn't even considered using social media to broaden my wardrobe!


    1. Yep social media is a great platform for buying and selling clothes, or anything really! There are so many groups you can join on facebook and tags you can hashtag on instagram!

  2. WOW those wedges are thrifted?! Nice effort, I think they're super cute!! :)

    1. Yep Kobi! They certainly are thrifted and for only $2.50 too SCORE!! i think they're a bit cute too!!


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