Sunday, 21 September 2014

Aussie Curves - Favourite Piece

This challenge, my 'favourite piece' has been a bit difficult for me. Since my Dad passed away nearly 3 weeks ago I seem to have lost my fashion mojo and getting dressed every morning hasn't been as fun as it usually would be. I have no doubt my mojo will return so in the meantime I've decided a plain black dress has been the easiest and therefore my favourite piece.

This dress by the brand Rosie + Dixie, is super comfy and is not too long or too short. On days when I've found it too difficult to figure out what to wear I've just thrown this on and its just worked. Plus it has pockets and I know we all love a dress with subtle pockets! 

I didn't want to seem like I was wearing too much black so to add a tiny smidgen of colour to this outfit I added a necklace I was given from my Aussie Curves Kris Kringle last christmas. 
Also worn with this outfit is another favourite piece if mine, this one is jewellery and is my newest ring, one of two made from my father's wedding ring. It is gold so I'm in the process of switching from silver jewellery to gold which is alot harder than I thought. For example, I would've added a belt to this outfit but all my belts have silver on them and I don't really wanna wear both silver and gold. yes I'm picky like that. 
Have you ever swapped from silver to gold jewellery? Or do you wear both? Any tips for me? 

* Rosie + Dixie black dress || Op shopped   || $6
* Target sandal heels || Target || $15
* Necklace ||  Aussie Curves Christmas Present
* Gold & black drop earrings || Op Shopped || $2
* Double midi ring || Colette || $2
* Gold Ring || created from my Fathers wedding ring || priceless

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  1. Love the dress, loks fab on you! Have you googled Rosie + Dixie? If I op shop something that I think is a bit special I google the brand. Rosie + Dixie, hello! St Kilda shop, prices start at $100! Total bargain. I fully understand you losing your fashion mojo. I feel the same after my sisters passing. Rather than putting my head in front of the camera, I'm trying to put outfits together on hangers and take photos. Or try Polyvore, no need to get dressed and take a photo, you can create outfits on your computer! :)

    1. Yeah Ive looked them up before. On their site mainly. They seem expensive but then again everything retail priced seems expensive to me! Its always nice to know I got an extra good bargain tho!
      I feel like Ive gotten a bit of my mojo back now I hope u have too!
      Sorry about your sister. I can't imagine how hard losing a sister would be. I have no doubt she was proud to call herself your sister

  2. I'm sorry that you feel like you've lost your fashion mojo, but I agree that it probably will return. Comfy is always the best option, especially during these times. On the plus side, you look super cute and I really love those rings. Beautiful, and a lovely way to carry your dad near to you <3 x

    1. Its back!!! My mojo is back!! Woop woop! Thanks Kobi! You're a star!

  3. What a beautiful ring & a great way to carry your dad close to your heart, i'm sure you will cherish it very much <3 x
    i mix gold and silver a bit, sometimes i wear gold rings on one hand and silver on the other, or a silver necklace when my rings and bracelets are gold.
    Plus my charm bracelet is a mix of gold and silver :)

    1. My dad thought if the idea before he passed coz he wanted to leave something for me and my sister. Im glad he thought it up coz it was such a great idea!
      Yeah i think I'm going to mix silver and gold but i totally forgot about my pandora charms I can mix those too! Great inspiration Katie! Thanks!


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