Monday, 14 July 2014

Aussie Curves - Military

Yep, you saw right! Military medals! Black ops... Totally legit... Not from a game at all!! 
- MySize khaki pants opshopped $5
- City Chic knitted top, opshopped $5
- long sleeve black Cotton On top, Opshopped $2.50
- Autograph waterfall vest cardigan, opshopped $2.50!!
- Doc Martens bought from a friend $10
- Black Ops medal pin, opshopped 50c
These MySize pants are as military as I've got. Yes, as per usual they are op shopped and only cost me $5.

These Doc Martens are also pretty military and one of the best investments I've ever made. I bought them off a friend in 1999 for $10 and have worn them heaps over the years as can be seen in the photos below! 

So there you have it! Me + Military, short + sweet! 

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  1. nice docs! Glad that they were such an investment and what a steal for your friend to sell them to you for $10 :)

    1. Yep I have worn them soo much! I need another pair but I cant do that to this pair of Docs! And i dont wanna have to wear them in either!

  2. $10 for Docs!! thats awesome! and i love that you have a medal!! Legit or not ;)

    1. Yeah the docs were a great buy! And when I saw the medal weeks ago I thought "oh Im so gonna use that for my military outfit!!" And I did! Adds just the right touch to make it military themed i revkon!

  3. You are such a great bargain hunter Charlene , love the ankle detail on those khaki pants!

    1. Thanks Hun! I love that pic too of the ankle detail...not sure why - just looks awesome I guess! :)


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