Sunday, 1 September 2013

Restyle 2013 - The Last Week!

Finally the last week of the Restyle2013 Op Shop Photo-A-Day Challenge! When I look back it has gone so quickly! It feels like just yesterday I did denim but that was a week ago!

The first day of the last week! Day 26; I used my red Belle Curve jeans that I recently bought off Facebook rather than at an op shop.  I thought it should count for the restyle challenge this once but only because I totally forgot until I got to work, I was way too side tracked. These red babies only set me back $15 and I love them! They have so much wear left in them!

This was a pretty crap day for me. It was my first day of three I had off work and I felt sick. Boo! Since I really didn't feel like having my photo taken I used my Mimco headband and Dior sunnies both op shopped for less than $5 which were great to hide my face in!

My new Asos Curve dress (that I didn't actually order - about that another time) and my $2 op shopped belt for the prompt 'Belt it!'

Now I'm quite proud of my take on cuffed. Every other Restyle2013 post I saw was to do with the cuffs on a shirt, pants or jacket. Not one other person had interpreted it like me and my weird mind. Cuffed = Handcuffed, duh! I used these 50c mini cuffs I'd recently found in a box I'd been unpacking. Add a necklace and there you have it!

This was a prompt I had been looking forward to all month, Jungle Fever! Now I'm not a fan of animal print at all but last month I set out op shopping looking for any 'plus sized' animal print clothing I could use for this prompt. I was almost unsuccessful until I got to my last op shop that had half price off all the clothing... and you wouldn't believe it. An animal print onesie in my size! So for $5 I got this piece and nearly backed out of wearing it when it came to it. I'm glad I didn't cause it was fun and all in the name of the game. It wasn't as ugly as I had initially thought it was, however it was extremely frustrating to take off when I had to pee!

The very last outfit was one to donate back which I personally think is a little silly. If you own clothing that you would donate then they obviously are something you don't fit, wear or like. For me, it was all three. This top, which is supposed to be a tunic is way too short to wear for leggings and therefore way to short for me to own so it was definitely going back to the op shop! I shouldn't have worn it this time but I wasn't about to miss out on the last day of this photo a day challenge. The only reason I still had this in my wardrobe was that I was keeping it for this prompt, otherwise it would be long gone.
I'm going to do a summary of my Restyle2013 experience. So be sure to keep an eye out for it and what I thought about it all!

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