Monday, 22 July 2013

Aussie Curves - Ruffles

I was so looking forward to opening this weeks blog with the lamest line around...this theme really ruffled my feathers...but it so didn't!


Ruffles was a pretty easy theme for me because I only own two things with ruffles on it, I'm not much of a girly girl like that. I'm pretty sure I don't even own anything floral, however I am working on that.
The weather in Bendigo has been so cold lately so I've been wearing a black long sleeve top and leggings under everything to keep me warm. I feel like I'm wearing those old school longjohns from westerns.
I've added some cobalt blue accessories to draw the blue colour out of this top. That and also because I don't have any light blue tops so sadly these blue accessories don't get much action! Oh and the nail polish!! Can't forget that! I love nail polish. Nail polish is really the only reason why I have nails.
For years I was a nail biter; when I was anxious, when I was bored, when I was hungry. I tried all those yucky tasting polishes you apply to stop you biting but they never stopped me. The only thing that I wasn't able to stand was the feel of bits of nail polish in my mouth. So I used that to my advantage and now I always wear nail polish. I redo my nails once a week and if I feel like biting then I scratch my nail polish off instead. It may look yuckier but it gets rid of my urge to bite and it leaves me nails.

City Chic Ruffle top - Bought off Facebook $15
City Chic Pants - Hand me downs/or overs from a friend
Long sleeve black top - Op shopped $2.50
Novo Boots - on sale $50
Vintage square earrings - Op Shopped $2
Necklace - Op Shopped $4.50
Blue bangle - Op shopped 50c
Silver Swirly ring - View Point Handmade Gallery $15
And my fave pic just to send you off smiling! :)



  1. Looking in that top lady! Loving the addition of the black for warmth. Nice.

  2. Im guessing you meant looking good? Im gonna take it that way coz i felt good! Lol so thanks Melissa

  3. Love that top, and it looks awesome with the black underneath :)

    1. Thanks SpijkerKat (or spiderkat which I have renamed you in my head! Lol)


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