Monday, 15 July 2013

Aussie Curves - Oversized

The theme for Aussie Curves this week is Oversized. I decided to go with my oversized green ASOS jacket only so I could show off my matching green City Chic Peplum top I op shopped the previous week for $4! The back is even cut so in summer it will frame my Princess tattoo. So proud of that buy!
I had a week holidays and one of my goals was to visit every op shop in Bendigo; another goal was to find a green top. The second last op shop to visit had half price women's clothing and I found 3 tops I liked, including this peplum. Talk about score!
Anyways back to the jacket...there is lots of talk on the Aussies Curve page about the brand ASOS. I saw this green jacket on eBay for only $20 and had to have it, however it was a size 26 and I'm only a 18/20. I decided to go with it anyway and I'm glad I did. Its big enough to wrap me up when its really cold (which it is!) and it has a pretty floral pattern on the inside. Sure a 20 or 22 would be better but for $20 I cant complain!
Add my only green earrings and Oversize outfit done.

Green ASOS Curve Macintosh Jacket - eBay $20
Green City Chic Peplum - Op Shopped $4
Black City chic long sleeve top - Op shopped $4.50
Black skirt - Op shopped $4
Black Plus size tights from Kmart - $8
Green Earrings - Lovissa sale $3
Black ring - Op Shopped $5
Black Boots - Novo sale $50

I am really interested to see how all the other Curvettes interpret this theme!



  1. wow you know how to score a bargain ! looking good :)

    1. Thanks SpijkerKat! I run an op shop so i know a good bargain when I see one ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jocelyn. I love it! I just need to explore more colours to combine with green.


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