Sunday, 18 January 2015

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Swimwear

This is me. 
It's been a long, mentally challenging journey to get to this point but it has been totally worth it.


This week has been hectic for me, more so than usual! I worked 6 out of 7 days with a huge sale on and am also in the process of moving and helping my Mum paint and rearrange her house. That on top of my normal health issues (I have a sleeping disorder), being the crappest week of the month and having a major (and expensive) dental issue arrise has pushed me towards my limit but there was no way I was gonna let any of that stop me from participating in the Aussie Curves challenge this week, especially considering the theme is Swimwear. This is always a scary yet enlightening challenge!

Resort in December 2013

Swimwear in November 2013

In previous years I have intentionally pushed myself out of my comfort zone for swimwear themed challenges and I planned to do the same this year.

A bit over a month ago someone (Leesa <3 ) posted a selfie in this bikini. It was so cheap at $14 on eBay that I decided I'd take my chance and buy one, even though I rarely go swimming. It doesn't fit me properly but it covers up what needs to be covered so that is good enough for me!

I started to take photos for my challenge with this sheer Autograph tunic on. Only $5 from an Op shop, I thought it might provide enough coverage to boost my confidence but it just felt unrealistic on and annoying to cover up the fringing on the front of the bikini top. It is not something I would actually wear.

So I thought I'd be a bit more realistic and put on this swimming skirt which is more likely to be something I'd wear. Its from Autograph and was $40 but is ideal as it just swimming bottoms with a skirt built in over the top.

Then I thought well... If I was willing to wear that then I might aswell be brave and just wear the bikini on it's own.

So I did!

Please note the halter top being tied to the side. This is an awesome tip I picked up from the Aussie Curves Facebook page. The knot tied sideways is alot less painful.

Now it's not exactly wearing a bikini to the beach but it's one step closer than I was before.
I still have major thigh fat issues to conquer! I found myself trying to pose very strategically. Trying to tuck my thigh cellulite so my legs looked toned for my photos. It occurred to me at that moment, that must be how a man felt when he tried to tuck his penis inbetween his legs to create a mangina! Terrible thought to share but honest! I realised I was trying to be something I was not. I have cellulite. I need to get over it!

So here it is. The photo of me in a bikini. Just a bikini. A fatkini. I am damn proud of myself. It's nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be! And I am positive no one is blind or mentally scarred because of it.

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  1. You look RAD - I like the tassles on this bikini top (and I'm not a tassle girl tbh) and big congrats on getting into a full bikini on your blog! - also, yeah! Side knot! good point there - I'm gonna try it.

    1. Lmao tassles just make me think of Madonna! Like nipple tassles! Ha or curtain tassles!
      Yeah i like the 'fringing' lol its a bit of a distracton and the side knot just takes a bit of the load off the back of your neck

  2. you look fab! this bikini rocks! and well done for posting it x

  3. Wooooooo! GO YOU!! I loved seeing this progression of confidence. So glad you decided to bare all - that kini is too lovely to hide. As are you :) xx

    1. Aww shucks Kobi you're making me blush!! Lol thanks babe

  4. Nice swimwear for plus size body.
    Looks good!


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