Sunday, 7 December 2014

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Favourite Feature

My favourite feature would have to be my boobs.

My rack, breasts, tits, jugs, over the shoulder boulder holders, melons, the twins etc etc It's one of my features that just seems to stand out! It could be something to do with my "if you've got it, flaunt it" attitude because I definitely got it!

Yes they are huge, currently around a 20f but they have always been proportionate to my body size.
When I was 12 , in my first year of high school I was in a 12 b or c while other girls were just getting their first bras.

I can't really think of any times that my boobs have got me negative attention... With the excuse of primary school years when I was quite fit and athletic but somehow back then my big boobs got me called fat. 

Yes there are times I've wished they were smaller but now I've pretty much embraced them as such a big part of me that I have no idea what I would do without them.

Guys love them, other chicks wish they had them... But I got them and I intend to be greatful for that!

Outfit Details: 
|| Red top | Peplum by City Chic | eBay for $10
|| Purple dress | City Chic | Bought off Facebook for $50
|| Black dress & Necklace | dress by Rosie & Dixie Opshopped for $6 | Necklace from The Iconic - gifted last Christmas by my Aussie Curves Kris Kringle
|| Blue baroque swing dress | Asos Curve | $22 (was sent this dress accidentally instead of something else but I love it, so I kept it!)
|| Collaged photos | from Instagram @ charlenegirl

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  1. Ha! I love your attitude, it's great! :D You have a lovely erm... rack ? And this is a cool collection of images too :)

    1. LOL haha thanks Jacqueline! It's amazing what difference a change in attitude can have!

  2. Oh I am definitely super envious of your boobies!! Mine never grew. :P And I love, love how you dress up!


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