Saturday, 22 November 2014

Aussie Curves 3.0 - Favourite Colour

Red is by far my favourite colour. I'm not really sure why... Maybe its all the compliments I get when I wear red; maybe it's because I've been told so many times that "red is your colour" or "red suits you"; or maybe it's to do with my skin tone or something like that. Whatever it is I totally agree.

I like to mix it up a bit for my Aussie Curve blog posts so I thought I would wear something I haven't really blogged about before or taken many photos of. It's a bit different to my usual style, maybe a bit more grown up or sophisticated and I'm still not 100% about it but it was comfy and pretty so I don't mind and trial and error seems to be the way I dress.

I was so excited to find this red bangle in Lovisa that actually fit me!!! I sometimes have to use moisturiser to get it off but that's better than usual! I've been searching for a plain [primary] red bangle for years but none ever fit... Until now!

The top and pants were from my favourite two op shops and the shoes from a garage sale. I like them all together in an outfit and I can justify the leggings being 'worn as pants' because they are not skin tight, are a thicker material and just look like they are dark capri jeans.

I love the Diana Ferrari heels! Both the colour and design but I think it is these heels that make this outfit look more 'mature'... I guess I am nearly 30 now...

And to top it off as I have been recently....the nail polish! I just love Sally Hansen's crackle nail polish as you can probably tell. I have about 6 or 7 different colours!

Outfit details:
Red and white top || My Size || Op Shopped for $6
Jeggings || My Size || Op shopped for $2
Red shoes || Diana Ferrari || $5 at Garage Sale
Red Bangle || Lovisa || $12
Nail Polish || Sally Hansen Cherry smash crackle over Natio linen

When I wore this outfit I got a few compliments, however they were from people different to those who usually compliment me. I only noticed afterwards that they were all older middle aged women (roughly 50-60yrs old) of a more mature and conservative dress style. 

What do you think, is this outfit too mature for a 30 year old? Or maybe its just the shoes? What's your opinion?

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  1. It's the truth! Red looks fab on you! I don't think the outfit is too mature... it actually has a bit of a cool retro vibe, if you ask me. I also love how fun the design of the shoes is, and now I really want to try that crackle nail polish! :D xx

    1. Thanks Kobi! You shoukd try the crackle its fun as!

  2. Wow, those nails are pretty awesome and I'm a big fan of red too, it looks lovely with your dark hair :)

  3. Agree - you're always beautiful but red looks really good on you. :)


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